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Replacement UV Bulbs from All Pond Solutions

Are you looking for high quality UV bulbs for your pond? If so the search is over. At All Pond Solutions, you will find a wide range of UV bulbs to complement all of the pond equipment that we stock. Whether you are searching for UV bulbs that are suitable to fit one of our products or a product from another popular manufacturer, we can accommodate your needs.

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5w PLS UV Bulb / Lamp
Price: £5.99
7w PLS UV Bulb / Lamp
Price: £5.99
9w PLS UV Bulb / Lamp
Price: £6.98
11w PLS UV Bulb / Lamp
Price: £7.99
13w PLS UV Bulb / Lamp
Price: £9.98
18w PLL UV Bulb / Lamp
Price: £9.98
24w PLL UV Bulb / Lamp
Price: £11.99
36w PLL UV Bulb / Lamp
Price: £12.98
55w PLL UV Bulb / Lamp
Price: £13.99

Great Deals on UV Bulbs

UV bulbs can improve the clarification of the water in your pond and be used to treat algae to create a healthy environment for your fish and other pond life. We are dedicated to providing our customers with UV bulbs of the highest quality and all of our products boast a long service life.

Our range of UV bulbs includes the following sizes:

This is only a small selection of the sizes we stock. We have superior product knowledge when it comes to UV bulbs and we can help you find the right products to create a healthy pond. If you need any information regarding the watt count or the UV connection that you require, we can help.

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