Micron Bags & Filter Socks

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    Aquarium Micron Bags & Filter Socks

    Marine fish tank environments consist of a very delicate balance of water parameters in order to suit the more demanding needs of marine fish and corals. Waste build-up in your marine aquarium can quickly cause this balance to be thrown off and can harm your fish tank inhabitants.

    Aquarium micron bags and filter socks are a great way to provide even greater mechanical filtration to your marine fish tank. Micron bags and filter socks are made from thin mesh materials that will trap certain waste particles before they even have a chance to reach the aquarium filter. This means that there is less demand placed on your filtration system and water is kept free of microscopic particulate matter.

    Keep your marine fish tank water polished with one of our aquarium micron bags and filters socks:

    3 products