How Long Should You Leave LED Light on Fish Tank?

Most fish and aquarium plants thrive when their fish tank lights are left on for ten to twelve hours a day. LED fish tank lighting is more energy efficient, costing about 80% less than older fluorescent lights and is preferable for fish health since it doesn't give off potentially harmful heat that can alter the condition of the water.

Is it OK to Put LED Lights in a Fish Tank?

LED lights are a great way to boost aquascaping plant growth, keep your fish happy, and promote beneficial oxygen levels aquatic species need to thrive. If you have aquarium planting, coral or any fish species, LED lights protect the ecosystem's delicate balance.

Our extensive range of Aquarium Lighting has a comprehensive array of affordable, high-performance LED aquarium lights for tanks of any size.

Starting with a small nano tank? We'd recommend our Small Aquarium LED Light for smaller tropical and planted tanks, creating just the right amount of fish tank lighting without increasing the water temperature.

What Colour Light is Best for Aquarium Fish?

Fish tank lighting normally looks most effective in white or green; natural colours bring out the organic tones of your tank and aquarium plants, although blue lighting can also work well for species such as guppies.

AllPondSolutions Tropical and Cold Water PLED Lights work brilliantly as aquarium LED lights when you need to maximise photosynthesis and plant growth while ensuring efficiency – they come with an extendable bracket for customised placement.

Does LED Light Cause Algae in Fish Tank Environments?

Theoretically, aquarium lights can help algae grow; however, healthy algae growth is important for a natural aquarium environment, and the presence of plants will eliminate excessive blooms.

If you have an overgrowth of algae, you likely require an Aquarium Treatment to rebalance the nutrients in your water; an efficient set of aquarium LED lights will not cause too much algae. 

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