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    Aquarium UV Bulbs from AllPondSolutions

    If you’re looking for professional aquarium UV bulbs, AllPondSolutions is the right place for you.  It’s important that whether you’re simply a fish hobbyist or you have a real passion for aquatics, you replace your aquarium UV filter bulb regularly.  That’s why here at AllPondSolutions, we provide a fish tank UV bulb range to be proud of. 

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    13 products

    Getting the Optimum Performance From Your UV Filter Bulb

    When using an aquarium UV bulb for the purpose of sterilisation, it’s essential that the bulb is replaced every 6 months – approximately 4000 hours – ensuring that the steriliser is working to its maximum potential. Additionally, if you’re using your fish tank UV bulbs for clarification, it should be changed every 12 months – approximately every 8000 hours. 

    Here are the aquarium UV filter bulbs that we offer:

    • 7w PLS UV Bulb / Lamp
    • 11w PLS UV Bulb / Lamp
    • 13w PLS UV Bulb / Lamp
    • 18w PLL UV Bulb / Lamp
    • 24w PLL UV Bulb / Lamp
    • 36w PLL UV Bulb / Lamp
    • 55w PLL UV Bulb / Lamp

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    If you’d like to purchase one of our UV bulbs but don’t know which one you need, feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly members of staff on 01895 813 000 – they’ll do everything they can to ensure you purchase the right UV bulb.