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    For owners of larger garden ponds or swimming pools, the use of an external pond pump, or dry pond pump, is an essential purchase. Generally used as part of a gravity fed filter system, external pond pumps are perfect for large pools and koi ponds as they process a greater volume of water, and their robust and durable design ensures longevity and efficiency year after year.

    5 products

    How Does an External Koi Pond Pump Differ from a Standard Pond Pump?

    When selecting a pond pump for your garden, you have the choice of either an external pond pump or a submersible pump. Due to its size, an external koi pond pump is fitted into the ground next to the pond, below water level.   

    Not only are dry pond pumps more energy efficient, external pond pumps are nearly always a better choice when combined with a pressurised external filter, as submersible pumps are less efficient at managing the back pressure of water.

    Other Benefits of Installing a Dry Pond Pump Include:

    • Easier to clean as you do not have to extract from the pond
    • Comes with a removable strainer basket, which clog less often
    • Easy to connect to bottom drains or surface skimmers
    • External pond pumps have a greater lifespan and are easier to repair