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    Aquarium External Filters from AllPondSolutions

    External fish tank filters, or canister filters, are an ideal solution for customers maintaining a large aquarium where a strong water current and high level of filtration is necessary. With a larger capacity to include supplementary media such as carbon, external filters also contain a greater amount of sponge and biological media, enhancing the level of mechanical filtration and breakdown of ammonia.

    Fitted beneath the aquarium itself, canister filters are also advantageous as they provide easy access for maintenance without disturbing your livestock. We offer an extensive range of our own brand external filters.

    17 products

    Choosing the Right External Fish Tank Filter

    The external fish tank filters that you see here filter large volumes of water through a system with several stages, to make sure that your aquarium is healthy. Powerful but low maintenance, our collection of external canister filters can be used with any filtration media that you choose. The filter returns water back to the tank by spray bar, which not only reduces evaporation and current, also makes sure that the water is well aerated. Our collection at AllPondSolutions offer a size filter for any size aquarium.

    Why Buy your Aquarium External Canister Filter from AllPondSolutions

    We are the experts when it comes to aquariums and ponds, so if you have any questions about the products you see here, or any of the others that are on the website, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Call us on 01895 813 000 and order your external aquarium filter today.