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    Outdoor Water Features & Fountains from AllPondSolutions

    Garden water features range from gently bubbling fountains to stylish style statements and dramatic accents transforming patios and entertainment areas. We stock a wide selection of high-quality water fountains at low prices!

    44 products

    Why Buy your Water Features and Fountains from us?

    Here at AllPondSolutions we understand that our customers are looking for a wide selection of top quality products, so our extensive range is manufactured using only the highest quality materials. As an online self-contained water feature shop, we are also able to offer extremely competitive prices and the convenience of delivering your order straight to your door.

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    What Are Self-Contained Water Features?

    There are many different outdoor water features to choose from, and a self-contained water feature is a perfect choice for:

    • Gardens without access to mains water or plumbing supplies.
    • Low maintenance outdoor water features.
    • Cost-effective garden focal statements, with very low operating costs.

    In essence, self-contained water features recycle the water in the system. They are an excellent option for collecting natural rainwater and creating a subtle waterfall sound, and as a water source for local wildlife.

    This type of water feature works perfectly in any size garden, terrace, balcony or patio.

    How do Fountains for Gardens Work?

    Another hugely popular option for a water garden feature is to select a fountain.

    There are multiple designs and styles to consider, from grand fountains gracing large driveways to discreet cascading outdoor water features.

    The water reservoir collects rainwater, or can be filled with tap water, and then pumps this water around the mechanism.

    Whether stone, rock, graphite or an outdoor water feature sculpture, the basic principle of fountains for gardens works in this way, making them easy to maintain and effortless to replenish in hotter weather.

    What Are the Advantages of a Water Garden Feature?

    Our gardens are spaces where we can relax, wind down and switch off - and an outdoor water feature adds to this sense of calm.

    Disconnecting from the pace of the world is infinitely more accessible with an elegant, calming water garden feature, making your outdoor space ideal for listening to music, reading your favourite book, or watching the world go by as the local wildlife visits for a drink.

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