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    Aquarium Fish Tank Hang On Filters

    When space is limited, but you value filtration quality and water movement in your tank, a hanging filter from AllPondSolutions could be just what you’re looking for.
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    7 products

    Hang On Aquarium Filters-The Waterfall Effect

    Requiring little external space, and being less intrusive than an internal filter, hang on filters are a great alternative to large external units. The waterfall-effect outlet on all of our products ensures excellent surface movement and aeration, resulting in healthy oxygen levels.

    Our selection of hanging filters includes the following:

    • 400 l/h Aquarium Hang On Filter 400-HO model
    • 500 l/h Aquarium Hang On Filter 500-HO model
    • 600 l/h Aquarium Hang On Filter 600-HO model

    We have many other types of aquarium filters, including internal and external, available on our site. Should you wish for more information about the range of sizes available and their suitability for your tank, we’d be more than happy to assist.

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