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    Aquarium UV Sterilisers from AllPondSolutions

    If you’re looking to reduce waterborne pathogens and algae in your aquarium while maintaining a safe environment for your fish, our aquarium UV sterilisers will be an invaluable asset to your setup. Fish tank UV sterilisers are an effective way of keeping your tank in peak condition without using additives or being intrusive.

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    13 products

    Why Buy Your Aquarium UV Sterilizer From Us?

    At AllPondSolutions, we’re proud that our aquarium UV sterilisers are a natural, safe and unobtrusive way of getting the results you’re looking for. Whether your aquarium is large or small, we’re confident our range will contain the ideal product.

    If you are looking to buy a UV sterilizer for your aquarium, our online range includes:

    • 5w Aquarium UV Steriliser
    • 7w Aquarium UV Steriliser
    • 9w Aquarium UV Steriliser
    • 11w Aquarium UV Steriliser
    • 18w Aquarium UV Steriliser
    • 24w Aquarium UV Steriliser
    • 36w Aquarium UV Steriliser

    Should you wish for more information about the range of sizes available, we’d be more than happy to help. It is important to choose the right product for your setup. We also offer replacement UV bulbs for all of our products.

    Choosing the Right UV Steriliser for Your Aquarium

    It is important when selecting a UV steriliser that you choose a unit specifically for the flow rate of your pump and size of your aquarium; otherwise there will not be enough water turnover to kill off the unwanted bacteria and algae.

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