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    Garden pond liners are an essential investment, whether you're renovating pond liners in need of TLC or building a brand new water feature in your garden.

    AllPondSolutions pond liners offer the best in functionality, performance and price, with a broad range of accessories, paint and pond lining materials to suit every garden!

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    18 products

    What Are Pond Liners?

    A fish pond liner is a material that stops the water from leaking out from the base of your garden pond.

    They're crucial for quality natural ponds, manufactured garden water features and any outdoor fish habitat!

    Good fish pond liners for sale don't just retain the water but keep debris to a minimum and resist a build-up of sediment, ensuring the water quality remains in good condition.

    Why Should I Buy Pond Liners?

    Pond lining is vital since it will prevent water loss and preserve the condition of your garden soil.

    Without liners for ponds, water features will leak into the ground, incurring ongoing costs to refill the water level in your pond and keep your fish and other aquatic species healthy.

    Liner for ponds can deteriorate, so if you notice your water level falling, it may well be time to upgrade to one of the many types of contemporary garden pond liners stocked at AllPondSolutions! 

    What Are the Main Types of Pond Liners?

    Our pond lining range includes LDPE Pond Liners. This cost-effective fish pond liner is made from low-density polyethylene, so it is durable, flexible, and has a 25-year warranty.

    PVC Pond Liners are another option, with superior thickness.

    These heavyweight pond liners are perfect for larger ponds or for building a new water feature that will last for years to come - alongside a 40-year warranty!

    AllPondSolutions also stocks professional-quality Pond Liner Underlay, which protects from sharp edges and ensures your pond lining will last longer, with enhanced durability.

    Please browse our substantial range of fish pond liners for sale via the AllPondSolutions Pond Liners catalogue if you'd like more information about these types of garden pond liners!

    Why Buy Your Garden Pond Liner or Lining from Us?

    We know that choosing the right pond liner online can be challenging and that’s why we have included a handy pond liner size calculator to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Our mission is to provide our customers with a stress free shopping experience by being a one stop shop for pond underlay, pond liners and accessories.

    Whether you are looking for a LDPE pond liner, PVC pond liner, pond liner underlay or a repair kit for your pond liner, we can help. We have years of experience and are always happy to offer expert advice.

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