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    Bird Table Feeders at AllPondSolutions

    Our bird tables are not only an excellent way to provide food for your garden wildlife but they also make a stunning addition to your garden. They have raised platforms to help protect smaller birds from predators. For a traditional look in your garden, we also offer wooden bird tables.

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    1 product

    Using bird tables and bird feed stations in your garden allows you to attract beautiful species of wild birds to your garden. Wake up every morning with the joy of the birds singing to lighten up your day. Here at AllPondSolutions we have a variety of bird tables for you to choose from.

    How Long Does it Take For Birds to Visit Table Bird Feeders?

    If you have recently bought a new wooden bird table and you haven’t received any new visitors, please do not worry!

    It can take birds a few days to approach a new feeder, and can sometimes take around 4 weeks before they feel comfortable to approach and return to a new food source.

    To help make the wild birds feel comfortable the best thing for you to do is place your wooden bird table near the trees and a water source. This then allows the birds to have somewhere to escape to if they get scared.

    What Bird Feed Stations Are The Best?

     Not only are bird tables a great way to provide food for the wild birds, but they also add fantastic character and style to your garden.

     What to look for in bird feed stations:

    • To suit the British climate a waterproof finish is ideal.
    • A large surface area so multiple birds can feed.
    • Durable construction with a strong roof to ensure safety when the birds are feeding.
    • To cope with higher winds, tripod feet allow the feeder to remain strong.

    How To Ensure Bird Tables Are Safe From Cats?

    Most bird feeding stations have a reasonable height so then it difficult for predators to access. So, you have no need to worry whilst your feathered friends are feeding.

    If your feeder has an overhang roof this can help keep your bird tables dry and prevent any bird feed getting damp in wetter weather situations.

    Can a Wooden Bird Table Be Used in The Winter?

    At AllPondSolutions our wooden bird table products are made from natural building materials that all also have a waterproof finish. So, if you get your table bird feeders from us, not only will they make a great addition to your garden, but they will also withstand the cold, damp and rain with insignificant upkeep.