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    Fat Balls & Suet Bird Food at AllPondSolutions

    Suet bird food is a great way to provide wild birds with sources of energy throughout the year. Our suet for birds comes in a variety of shapes and styles, including suet fat balls, to suit a broad range of suet feeders

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    At AllPondSolutions we supply suet bird food that is packed with the essential nutrients to provide birds with energy throughout the year. Our bird suet is full of beneficial fats and natural bird seeds, without including the extra chemicals and additives that could possibly cause harm to the wild birds.

    Suet balls are a convenient food option for birds, they are easy to store at home and can fill up various types of bird feeders. Even if you do not have a suet bird feeder fat balls can also be placed on bird feed tables or even branches.

    What Ingredients Are In Suet Fat Balls?

    Suet for birds can contain a mix of ingredients, but to provide high energy you only need a small list of the following:

    • Lard or beef fat
    • Natural peanut butter
    • Seed or gain

    We have a broad range of suet bird food at AllPondSolutions, so you can easily pick amongst different varieties of suet fat balls that would be most suited to the bird feeder you have in your garden.

    Is Suet Bird Food Good For Birds?

    Suet is a great food to provide in the winter, it is also easy for the birds to digest whilst also being absolutely tasty and nutritious.

    Suet fat balls can be used throughout the year and they provide high levels of energy. This form of energy helps birds develop an important layer of warmth during colder seasons.

    What Types Of Species Will Suet For Birds Attract?

    If you have suet fat balls outdoors in your feeder you will be able to attract numerous bird species to your garden.

    Suet for birds commonly encourage birds like woodpeckers, robins, starlings and robins to feed. On a rare occasion, you may even catch a glimpse of a nightingale swooping in for a feast.

    Suet for birds attracts a lot of wild animals, so trying to make sure the food is available for the birds only, we suggest placing your suet bird food on an elevated table or a hanging bird feeder.