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    Straight Bird Seeds at AllPondSolutions

    Attract various birds and wildlife to your garden with our range of straight seeds for birds. Providing high levels of energy, straight seeds are ideal for birds. There are several straight seed choices, such as niger seed, sunflower hearts, and peanuts for birds.

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    2 products

    Straight seed at AllPondSolutions is cleaned and freshly packed to have a high quality taste for the wild birds. Our seed is also complete with all the healthy nutrients that are beneficial for birds.

    Keep your bird table full for your feathered friends with our range of straight seed, including tasty treats like wild bird peanuts and sunflower hearts for birds. The garden birds will definitely keep coming back for more.

    Is It Healthy To Use Peanuts For Bird Feeders?

    Wild bird peanuts are a lot different to ones we eat, and they have a lot more health benefits for birds.

    Peanuts for bird feeders that contain no salt or sugar are one of the healthier treats you could feed the wild birds.

    When buying wild bird peanuts it is also essential that you buy roasted peanuts. This is because raw peanuts contain a poisonous toxin that can harm the wild birds so, stick to roasted and keep your chirping friends happy!

    Should I Get Sunflower Hearts for Birds?

    Sunflower hearts are a great source of nutrition for most birds as they are high in protein and contain healthy fats. Luckily at AllPondSolutions you can choose from our broad selection of sunflower hearts to help keep the birds full for longer.

    Straight seed can also encourage various types of birds to visit your garden, with the essential health benefits they are also an irresistible tasty snack for birds.

    The Advantages of Buying Wild Bird Peanuts and Sunflower Hearts?

    Getting any type of wild bird feeder in your garden is a great way to view and attract the beauty of the wildlife from your home. If you feed the wild birds sunflower hearts, here are some of the birds you will attract:

    • Blackbirds and blue tits
    • Collared doves and wood pigeons
    • Goldfinches and woodpeckers
    • Woodpeckers and nuthatches
    • House sparrows and great tits
    • Robins and starlings
    • Chaffinches and goldfinches

    Sunflower hearts and peanuts for bird feeders provide high levels of nutrition, keeping the wild birds  well and warm during the colder months and keeping your feathered friends visiting repeatedly.