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    Bird Window Feeders at AllPondSolutions

    Bird window feeders are great for those without the space for large outdoor bird feeders. Window feeders allow you to watch the peace and beauty of the birds feeding from the comfort of your home. They provide a clear, up-close view of the outdoor birds feeding.

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    1 product

    Sit back and enjoy the view of the wildlife all from the comfort of your sofa. There is no need to venture off to your garden to see the wildlife.

    Our vast range of window feeders for birds are designed to provide safety whilst the birds are feeding, but to also still give you front row view of your feathered friend’s routine.

    How To Choose The Best Bird Feeders for Windows

    The great thing about window feeders for birds is that they are suitable for almost any home – as long as it has a window! They are perfect for those who do not have access to a garden but have an interest in wildlife.

    If you love to listen to the singing of birds or want to encourage the younger ones to be familiar with nature, a bird window feeder can stick to any window.

    At AllPondSolutions our window feeders come with attachable suction cups which make them easy to stick and remove from windows. They also come in a clear plastic material so you don’t miss even a tiny glimpse of their feeding.

    What Is The Best Place To Put A Window Bird Feeder?

    The great thing about a bird window feeder is that they can be placed easily and the birds also love to feed in higher areas. So, being able to attach the feeder to a window ledge allows the birds to feel safe away from predators whilst feeding.

    There isn’t an exact position for you to place your bird feeders for windows. So you can decide the most suitable location where you have the perfect view, without having to bend your neck to see the mysterious world of your winged pals.

    Why Should I Buy Window Feeders for Birds?

    During the winter colder months it can be more difficult for birds to have access to regular food sources. This is especially more difficult in built up city areas, so having a bird window feeder is a great way of giving the birds more grazing spots.

    At AllPondSolutions we have a range of window bird feeders that include various compartments to supply seed, fruit and water. The bird won’t be able to decide what to eat first!