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    Bird Nut Feeders at AllPondSolutions

    Our bird nut feeders are designed to prevent birds from taking large pieces of nut, which could potentially cause them to choke, making mealtimes safer for your garden wildlife. The nut feeders we offer come in a range of different styles and designs, so you can easily find one that suits your garden.

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    Attract a range of elegant bird species to your garden with low-cost, easy maintenance nut bird feeders. A nut feeder can also encourage the wild birds to nest in your garden.

    At AllPondSolutions we have a vast range of peanut feeders for birds. They come in a variety of styles, colours and structure choices so, you can choose the most suitable bird nut feeders to make stunning additions to your garden.

    How Should I Use Nut Bird Feeders To Attract Wild Birds?

    Across different areas there are a diverse range of different birds, so its wise to pick the right nut bird feeders to attract the types of birds in your area.

    If you are considering feeding the wild birds with nuts that are for human consumption, did you know it can actually be really harmful for our feathered friends? For example salted or dry roasted nuts contain high levels of salt and additives that can be really unhealthy for the birds.

    Attracting birds like wrens, robins and dunnocks you should fill your peanut feeders for birds with crushed or grated nut mixtures.

    To protect your winged friends from unwanted predators it is highly suggested that you hang your bird nut feeders in a certain area at a reasonable height, this is also to help keep the food safe from naughty squirrels.

    Types of Species to Expect With A Peanut Bird Feeder

    A lot of wild birds love feeding from a peanut bird feeder, the great thing with nut feeders is that you can easily vary the food contents to attract a variety of different bird species.

    Blue tits, jays, doves and woodpeckers won’t hesitate to get their meal from a nut bird feeder.

    Top Tips For Refilling Bird Nut Feeders

    It takes time for birds to trust your bird feeder because they like to feel safe within their surroundings. But once your peanut bird feeder starts to be refilled regularly, the birds will recognise a new dinner routine, keeping new varieties of birds visiting your garden.

    AllPondSolutions recommends leaving your bird nut feeder near a water source so the wild birds can stay hydrated. For simple upkeep you can get easy-fill peanut feeders for birds or even screw lid bird feeders for minimal spillages.