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    Bird Wooden Boxes at AllPondSolutions

    Encourage all your feathered friends to stay in your garden with our range of nesting boxes. Encourage your children with our paint your own bird box.

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    3 products

    Enjoy the peace and beauty of cute little hatchlings chirping and taking their first steps out of their nesting boxes. Using a bird house will create a home for new birds every spring,

    Here at AllPondSolutions we offer a wide range of high quality nesting boxes for birds to help bring your garden to life.

    Why Should I Buy Nesting Boxes For Birds?

    In addition to bird baths and birdseed feeders, a bird house or bird nesting box is the perfect way to attract a wide variety of wildlife to your garden. They’re also so much fun for the whole family!

    For birds to lay their eggs they need to use nesting boxes where they can accompany their young and raise them to adulthood. You can hang nesting boxes for birds on branches and trees where the birds are protected from predators so you can make sure your feathered friends always feel safe and secure.

    How To Choose The Most Suitable Nesting Boxes For Your Garden

    Deciding the most suitable bird nesting box is important and here’s a few things to consider:

    •  Using insulating materials, this could include wood or a wildlife-friendly combination.
    • Using ceramics and metals can cause the box to become too hot in the summer, but too cold in the winter periods.
    • The entrance hole size in your nesting boxes will encourage different species - tiny boxes are most suitable for blue tits. In contrast, a slightly larger bird nesting box will welcome sparrows and other larger species.
    • Depending on the type of species you want to attract you should consider the size of the entrance hole on your nesting box. Small holes are suitable for blue tits, whereas a larger nesting box can help attract larger species such as sparrows.
    • There is no need for a perch – they provide a foothold for squirrels and are not essential for wild birds.

    Take a look at the AllPondSolutions range to find the perfect nesting box for your home, or contact our team for suggestions and advice!

    If I Had a Bird House What Species Would I Attract?

    There are a variety of different bird species and the area you live in can have an impact on the type of birds you attract to your nesting boxes. The size of your bird nesting box can also entice certain types of birds to nest there.

    A bird nesting box can attract anything from tits, swallows to woodpeckers and even owls!