Undergravel Aquarium Filters

Undergravel Fish Tank Filters from All Pond Solutions

If you have a small or awkwardly shaped fish tank, choosing to buy an under gravel aquarium filter can be a wise decision. Not only do they offer an ideal space saving solution, an underwater gravel filter is more discreet, offering unobscured views of your fish tank and its inhabitants.

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How Do Fish Tank Under Gravel Filters Work?

With a fish tank undergravel filter, the entire bed of your aquarium becomes a mechanical and biological filter, containing the bacteria necessary to break down waste from your fish. The filters can be altered using air stones or pumps to provide a slower or stronger water current.

Our selection of undergravel aquarium filters includes the following:

These are just some of the aquarium filtration products that we offer. Should you wish for more information about the range of sizes and options available, we would be more than happy to help. We also provide the air pumps to go with our aquarium undergravel filters.


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