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If you are looking for low maintenance pond pumps, we can help. Whether you are starting from scratch or replacing an old pond pump, we are confident that we have the right product for you. Start your search for a pond pump in your price range today.

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Save Up To  £6.60
Jebao SPG-1000 Pond Pump Fountain 1000L/H
Regular Price: £21.98
Special Price: £15.38
Out of stock
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Save Up To  £7.80
Jebao SPG-2000 Pond Pump Fountain 2000L/H
Regular Price: £25.99
Special Price: £18.19
Out of stock
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FPP-600 L/H Fountain Pump
Price: £19.00
1400PP L/H Pond Pump
Price: £19.98
Save Up To  £9.00
Jebao SPG-3000 Pond Pump Fountain 3000L/H
Regular Price: £29.99
Special Price: £20.99
FPP-900 L/H Fountain Pump
Price: £22.00
FPP-1500 L/H Fountain Pump
Price: £23.99
Save Up To  £10.50
2300L/H ECO Fountain Pond Pump
Regular Price: £34.99
Special Price: £24.49
Save Up To  £11.10
Jebao SPG-4000 Pond Pump Fountain 4000L/H
Regular Price: £37.00
Special Price: £25.90
3000PP L/H Pond Pump
Price: £31.98
Save Up To  £8.01
Pond Filter / 9w UV Steriliser / 1000L/H Pump / Fountain ALL IN ONE SYSTEM
Regular Price: £40.00
Special Price: £31.99
3500L/H Fountain Pond Pump
Price: £32.99

Why Choose Us?

We are pleased to provide you with a variety of pond pumps for both large and small ponds at competitive prices. As a reputable pond pump retailer, you can rest assured that our customer service is second to none. At All Pond Solutions, we will even deliver your purchase free of charge.

Shop with us for the following:

  • All in One Pond Pumps
  • External pond pumps
  • Waterfall & Fountain pond pumps
  • Waterfall & Filter Pumps
  • Air pumps

Whatever you need, we have a solution to all of your pond related requirements. If you need help deciding on the best pond pumps for your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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Here at All Pond Solutions, we understand that our customers want products that incorporate the latest technology and we can guarantee our pond pumps are no exception.  Whether you need a 1000 litres per hour model or large pond pumps size of 30000 litres per hour, we can deliver them direct to your door. Choose All Pond Solutions for high quality pond pumps at low prices.