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Small 29 Litre Nano Fish Tank - 6 Colours

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Product description

The All Pond Solutions FW range of tropical / coldwater fish tanks.

These aquariums are very simple and practical 29 litre nano tanks for shrimp or small fish - ideal for beginners.
Manufactured with a curved glass front edge providing an uninterrupted 180° view of your tank and its inhabitants, this tank offers excellent build quality for a low price.

Complete with an economical 4w LED light, hood filter system, feeding flap and 90° tilting hood the FW range is perfect for newcomers to fish keeping.

The aquarium can be set up as a cold or tropical tank. For a tropical setup a heater will be required (not included).

The FW fish tank range is available in 6 colours - Black, White, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink.


  • Curved glass front edge provides an uninterrupted 180° view of your tank and its inhabitants.
  • Eco-friendly high performance LED lighting with IP65 rated splash safe on/off switch.
  • Includes tray filter system with filter floss and coarse foam included to provide biological and mechanical filtration.
  • 350L/h pump with venturi air pipe for increased aeration if required.
  • Hood tilts 90° vertical for easy access to the aquarium.
  • Feeding flap allows for simple feeding times.

Replacement foams available here

The following fish are suitable to keep in this size aquarium.
For stocking levels we recommend approximately 2cm of fish per 3 litres of tank water.
This is not an exhaustive list and if you require further advice please contact us

tropical shrimp for saleminnows for salesiamese fighting gishrasborabumble bee goby

        Shrimp                   Minnows           Betta / Fighter        Rasbora fish       Bumble Bee Goby     

clown killifishscarlet badistetra for salePygmy gouramiHoney Gourami

  Clown Kilifish            Scarlet Badis             Tetra                Pygmy Gourami     Honey Gourami    

Pygmy CorydorasOtocinclus

Pygmy Corydoras       Otocinclus

Key information
More Information
Model: FW-29
Water Volume 29L
Instruction Manual:

FW-29 PDF Instruction Manual


Lighting: 4w LED
Filtration: 350L/H (2.5w)
Aquarium Dimensions: 380 x 260 x 405mm (L x W x H)
Free 12 Month Warranty
Available in 6 colours



Design and Build
Adding Fish
1) Before adding fish to your aquarium, you must check that your aquarium has cycled fully. This could take up to 3-4 weeks.
You can test this either by purchasing a test kit, or asking if your local aquatics store can do this for you (many stores offer this service).
2) Remember to allow a minimum of 3 litres of water for every 1cm of fish, including the tail (consult with your fish dealer for aquarium requirements when purchasing).
3) Float the fish in their bag inside the aquarium – add a little water from aquarium to the bag and acclimatise for 15minutes this will regulate the water temperature in the bag and reduce the risk of stressing your inhabitants.
4) Using a net, carefully remove the fish from the bag and place in your aquarium. It is not recommended to pour the water from the bag into your aquarium.
5) Once all gravel, décor and inhabitants have been added, top up the aquarium with water to the bottom of the aquarium rim.

Feeding your fish
Once your fish have been introduced to the tank, avoid feeding for 48 hours.
Thereafter, it is essential that you DO NOT OVERFEED YOUR FISH.
The standard rule of thumb is to feed them only as much as they can completely consume in two minutes.

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