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1 x Ricefish

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Scientific Name: Oryzias javanicus

How easy are they to care for?
We would class these as an easy level of care.

How large can they grow?

Where in the world are they from?
Distributed throughout peninsular Malaysia and Thailand

What is the ideal number to keep together?
Generally happiest in large groups, however rival males can be territorial.

What water conditions do they require?
Prefers hard waters and is unlikely to survive in acidic pH.

What should you feed them?
Feed crushed flake and small frozen foods such as artemia and cyclops.

How compatible are they with other fish?
Care should be taken, due to its small size it should not be kept with large community or boisterous species.

Can they be bred in captivity?
Once in good breeding condition can be quite prolific with females capable of producing eggs every few days. Quite easy to breed and a good choice for anyone looking to learn the basics of breeding egg laying species.