Do I Need a Wavemaker for My Aquarium?

An aquarium wavemaker is an optional piece of equipment to make your fish tank look more realistic. You can use a wavemaker to enhance the aesthetic of an aquascape, allow fish and pond plants to move more naturally, and improve your fish's health.

You might notice that your fish swim primarily in the water flow created by aquarium pumps and avoid the stiller spots in your fish tank - this is because they are used to swimming in moving water and enjoy the sensation!

What Does a Wavemaker Do in Aquariums?

An aquarium wavemaker usually works in conjunction with aquarium pumps in large fish tank environments, ensuring that the water circulates even in the far corners where your filter and pump cannot reach.

Mini Wavemakers are a great way to bring life to your aquarium, improve the visual impact of your aquascape, and promote optimal health in your fish.

Can You Have Too Much Water Flow in an Aquarium?

There is a difference between the flow of water and the force at which it is propelled from your wavemaker or aquarium pumps. It's unlikely that you will have excessive water flow in your fishtank, but if the aquarium is relatively small, too much force can be detrimental.

Our Aquarium Pumps always include specifications to show you how many litres per hour they can manage and what size aquarium they are suitable for.

Most aquarium species benefit from water flowing through the tank four times per hour, so our AllPondSolutions 3,000 Litre Aquarium Wavemaker is perfect for a tank of up to 750 litres.

Can a Wavemaker Harm Fish?

If you choose an aquarium wavemaker that is far too powerful for the size of your aquarium or that creates a current that very small species cannot swim against, it could cause a problem.

However, a good quality wavemaker of the right size is an excellent way to encourage natural water conditions and gentle, continuous movement with a flow rate suitable for the size of the fish tank and the fish you keep.