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The koi fish that we know and love today are beautiful ornamental varieties of the common carp. Koi carp are estimated to have begun being bred for their showy colourful scales in the early 1800’s, which led to the earliest varieties, such as the Narumi Asagi. Today, keeping koi in indoor and garden ponds has become a widespread hobby around the world and they have come to be a culturally significant symbol.

If you love koi fish and wish to start up your first koi pond this spring, or you have been a hobbyist for years, we offer a variety of hand-selected koi from the most ethically sourced breeders. We are proud to provide our customers with a wide selection of high-quality koi carp varieties, stocking everything from Asagi to Ai-Goromo, and Sanke to Shiro Bekko.

Check out some of the available koi species below:


 If you are looking for a distinct and unique variety of koi, Asagi might be the one for you! You can recognise them by the blue-ish / grey net pattern on their back. This creates a striking contrast to the red/orange colouration on the belly, body, gill plates & head.

 Tip: Higher grade Asagi will not have any hi (red) colouring beyond the lateral line.


Asagi Koi Fish



Shiro Bekko koi have a white base with isolated black Sumi marks on their body. They should have blemish-free snow white heads and pectoral fins. Shiro Bekko are widely known for their simple elegance and grace. This koi type is available with Doitsu and Gin Rin scale variations.


Hariwake are identified as being a two-coloured koi fish. This type of koi carp should have a solid platinum white body with a yellow, orange or red overlaying pattern. The bright colourful pattern should be clearly defined and spread throughout the entire body in an even fashion. Variations can include  Tancho, Gin Rin and Doitsu Hariwake.


You will be able to instantly recognise Hi Utsuri due to their deep black base and a magnificent red overlay.  Red Utsuri are generally considered to be higher quality than those with orange. However, most juveniles will show an orange colouration. This type of koi carp is available in Gin Rin and Doitsu varieties.

Ki- Goi

This single coloured variety of koi that are easy to identify by their beautifully bright yellow bodies. Ki-goi koi carp are well loved by hobbyists because of their friendly manner, and as with Chagoi, they tend to be easier to train to hand feed. Ki-goi will be sure to be an endearing addition to your pond. 


Asagi Koi Fish


For some koi hobbyists, Kohaku are one of the original and best varieties of koi carp. Kohaku has a white base and red pattern overlay and also come in gin-rin and doitsu versions. Kohaku koi can come with a number of variations; including Nidan, Sandan, Youdan, and Inazuma, where a striking zig-zag pattern occurs down the koi fish.


Kujaku koi carp are a metallic species with a structured netting pattern, like the Asagi, on its back. Either a gold, yellow, orange or red Kohaku-type pattern will lay over this. This koi variation is created by crossing a Goshiki with a Hikarimuji, its full name is Kujaku Ogon which in English translates to ‘peacock’.


Ogon koi are metallic and single coloured. The three colour variations of Ogon koi carp are: Yamabuki (yellow), platinum Ogon which is white and Orenji Ogon which is oranage. In all three Ogon colour variations lookout for a fish with no markings on the head and has even scale pattern.


The Taisho Sanke is one of the original varieties of koi, commonly known as Sanke, is an on-going favourite among koi hobbyists. It is one of the ‘big three’ variations, along with Showa & Kohaku. Sanke koi have an attractive red and black pattern over a solid white body, and are available in Doitsu, Maruten, Gin Rin and Tancho varieties.

Asagi Koi Fish


Shusui koi are the scaleless (doitsu) Asagi variety. These koi carp display a stunning single row of deep blue scales along their back, which contrasts beautifully with their striking red bodies. Shusui heads should be pale blue - white and free from any markings. 

Tancho Kohaku 

This breed of koi carp are well-known due to their clean white body and single red mark on top of their head. This resembles and represents the Japanese flag to some hobbyists. These are highly prized koi and are also available in doitsu and gin rin varieties.