Common Pond Water Issues and How to Fix Them

Most garden ponds will experience a need for pond treatments at some stage - but knowing which algae treatment for ponds you need is essential!

It's also possible to prevent several Pond Treatments from being required, with great quality pond filters, pond filter foam and pond pumps.

We'd also recommend a pond UV steriliser if you encounter ongoing issues with water clarity - but, for now, the AllPondSolutions team runs through a few of the most typical pond water problems and the fastest fixes.

Green Water Pond Treatments

Green water tends to be the worst in the summer - warm water and lots of fish food is a recipe for sludge!

Long term, the best solution is a Pond UV Steriliser, but you can also pick up Algae and Green Water pond treatments.

Pond Filters to Prevent Cloudy Water

Murky, cloudy water isn't ideal for oxygenation and water quality and means you can't get a good view of your beautiful fish.

Cloudy water occurs for various reasons but is usually attributed to poor mechanical or bacterial filtration. You can pick up pond vacuums to give the pond a good clean and help your Pond Filter cope with the physical waste demands.

Ideally, you should check on your Pond Filter Media, replace it if there are signs of wear, or choose more powerful pond filters sufficient for the water capacity in your pond.

Pond Treatments for Smelly Water

There are thousands of reasons pond water can start to smell - and important to choose suitable pond treatments to ensure your water features remain enjoyable!

This problem is mostly due to rotting leaves and excess Pond Fish Food, high ammonia levels, and natural fish waste.

Partial water changes might help, but you can also remove uneaten food with a Pond Net and add additives such as carbon and healthy bacteria, which will help eliminate odours and solve discolouration issues.

The best way to diagnose any pond health issues is to initially use pond water test kits to identify the underlying problem and ensure you choose the right pond treatments.