Pond Liners and Underlay: 4 Key Facts

A properly planned and well-maintained pond is a stunning, tranquil feature of any garden. Whether the area is small or large or whether you want to keep fish or just flowers, you’ll need to structure your pond safely and securely. Pond lining and underlay is essential for a long-lasting, thriving and beautiful creation. Here are four key facts about the two crucial elements that will make up the foundations of your new pond.

Protect Against Unruly Rocks and Stones

When you’re digging your pond, you will start to see the soil becoming more rough and uneven as you get past the top soil. This rubble can be trouble if you’re just laying down liner for your pond because sharp, jagged rocks can often puncture through. This is the main reason why underlay is so important, as the extra layer strengthens the liner against any damage by rocks.

Prevent Pesky Root Growth

Trees, plants and shrubbery are lovely but not when their roots start to invade your pond from below! If you plan to build your pond near plants with strong roots such as bamboo, then you will definitely need a good underlay beneath your pond liner as the roots could push right through if you don’t have durable pond lining.

Deter The Stretching Process

Over time your pond can ‘settle’ into a particular shape meaning that certain areas of the liner will undergo increased long-term stress. Having a strong underlay beneath your pond liner will help protect against any tearing or weakening that might occur.

Dig in Careful Dimensions

After you have decided the size of your pond, it is crucial that you measure the right size for the liner and underlay. Add twice the maximum depth to both the length and width and keep an extra 1-2 feet for overlap. It can sometimes be tricky to buy the best size so try out a handy pond liner and underlay calculator to get the perfect fit.

It is best to use a heavy duty underlay such as landscaping fabric beneath your pond liner because although the initial investment can be high, it is worth every penny in the long run. A durable, tough and high-quality pond liner and underlay makes a whole world of difference to the longevity and health of your pond. Not to mention it gives you a peace of mind that you have protected your pond all you can, as you admire its blossoming beauty.