News Round Up

London Aquarium Creates Love Nest for Clownfish

Sea Life London Aquarium is attempting to encourage its clownfish to breed by creating the environment in which it’s best for them to do so. The tank housing the pink skunk clowns has been fitted a set up that replicates their natural habitat, with a pair of red velvet curtains to offer them privacy from humans too. 

Noise Pollution Effects Fish Species Differently

Acoustic disturbance has different effects on different species of fish, according to a new study from the University of Bristol and Exeter. Sticklebacks, for example, responded quickly to a flying seagull predator model, whereas there were no effects in European minnows. 

Fishermen can Predict Fish Stocks

A new study has suggested that fisherman are just as good as scientists when it comes to predicting the level of commercial fish stocks. A scientist at the Shetland fisheries college compared the knowledge and catch effort with scientifically collected data and found that they reached similar conclusions about the distribution and abundance of stocks in the North Sea.

Native Fish to be Reintroduced to Rivers

In an new £3 million project by Yorkshire Water, native fish that have been unable to reach our rivers for up to 100 years, will be reintroduced. Over the next five years, weirs upstream of its reservoirs will be removed or modified to help fish thrive.  Mark Tinsdeall, Yorkshire Water’s environmental assessment team leader, said: “Reservoirs play a vital role in protecting the wildlife of our rivers. They provide the river flows, which are the lifeblood of our rivers and the reservoirs themselves are home to nationally important species such as wild brown trout and native crayfish.”