Tips on Keeping Your Aquarium Cool in the Summer

Beating the heat is crucial to ensure aquariums don't become dangerous places for fish during the summer months.

Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to control your tropical fish tank temperature!

How Can I Keep My Fish Stress-Free in the Summer?

Along with controlling the tropical fish tank temperature, it's wise to ensure you're keeping your fish calm and happy throughout the hotter weeks.

It's wise to invest in a decent thermometer so you're aware when the heat is getting a little high. It would be best to use a suitable water conditioner to remove chlorine when cleaning out your tank.

A water quality test kit is another worthwhile accessory, so you can address any issues with chemicals in the tank before they pose a problem.

Should I Unplug My Aquarium Heater to Bring Down the Water Temperature?

Don't worry about unplugging your aquarium's heater - thermostatic heaters won't kick in until the temperature drops, so they won't heat the water if the weather is already sweltering hot!

Temperatures tend to drop quickly and dramatically at night, so it's wise to leave these plugged in to avoid risking further problems due to sudden dips during the evening.

Are Cooling Fans Effective for Indoor Aquariums?

Cooling fans are an excellent option, particularly if you aren't home all day and won't be able to keep a careful eye on your aquarium temperature.

Please visit the AllPondSolutions range of aquarium fans for a wide variety of cooling fans that offer discrete, quiet temperature control, reducing the heat by up to three degrees.

Other options include:

  • Quality Air Pumps to increase circulation.
  • Blocking direct light sources.
  • Switching off lights on aquariums.
  • Using an indoor air conditioner in the room.

Reducing sunlight by closing the curtains can be a straightforward solution, which also prevents excessive algae growth, so provided you're conscious of the outside temperature and keep checking on your fish tank, your fins are sure to have a happy summer!