Independent review of our All Pond Solutions Aquarium Clear Internal Filter

A guest post by John Mitchell, Lothian Fishkeeping.

A fish tank filter is the most important piece of equipment you will buy for your tank and it’s probably the hardest thing to decide on nowadays with the vast amount of different styles and variations available today. Filtration options have come a long way since I started fishkeeping 20 years ago.

I always say that there are three factors when deciding on a filter which are;

  • Tanks size,
  • Fish type
  • and ultimately cost being the biggest factor.

My most recent set up is a 75l corner tank in my son’s bedroom. The aim was to create a calming feature that could also be used as a night light with the blue light for the evening.

I had a budget for setting this tank up so after searching pretty much the entire web and looking at all the filters out there, I decided on the 600 l/h Clear Internal Filter from All Pond Solutions. The filter ticked all of the boxed for me and it was only £11.99 which was well within my budget.

When the filter arrived, I pulled it out of the box and it was already assembled. I opted to use the venturi pipe which was supplied in the box. I put the filter into the tank and plugged it in. There was a very impressive blast of bubbles. However, as I was mainly stocking shrimps, I wanted to have a low flow so I was able to easily reduce the flow from the max 600L/H which would be more shrimp friendly. With the venture pipe open, this flow rate offered a lovely display of bubbles which looks great when using the blue light and my son approves. The filter has been in the aquarium now for 4 days and the water clarity is 100% and there is very little noise which is great for bedroom aquariums.

The 600 L/H Clear Aquarium comes with two filtration sponges which are easy to clean. Having the two sponges mean you can clean one at the time and prevent the bacteria crashing and causing any problems. These sponges are visible through the clear casing which let you see where they need to be cleaned.

I have attached my filter to the back wall of the aquarium using the suction cups and I have aimed the flow straight forward so my son can watch all the bubbles when he is in his bed. Included in the box was also a 90 degree pipe joint to allow me to change the angle of the flow if required.

To summarise, the 600 L/H Aquarium Clear Internal Filter is perfect for smaller aquariums, suitable for all types of fish and comes at a very good price.

I would highly recommend this product.