How Much Does it Cost to Set Up a Pond?

The beauty of a garden pond is that you can create a design as simple, complex, small or large as you wish!

Ponds range from extensive Koi habitats to tiny wildlife ponds, so you don't need to budget a minimum (or maximum).

Today the AllPondSolutions team explains some of the key components for a new garden pond and the costs to factor into your set-up.

Choosing Pond Filters and Pumps

A small wildlife pond is the lowest priced option, usually costing around £200-£400. You'll need to excavate the trench and fit Pond Liners to waterproof the base of your pond.

Next, you'll want to put down a layer of substrate, usually, a selection of Pond Pebbles and Coloured Stones, before you think about rigging up power for your pond pump and filter.

Medium-sized ponds tend to cost from £400, depending on which liners and equipment you choose.

Pond pumps come in various sizes and capacities, so the key is to calculate the size of the pond and how much water your pond pumps will need to manage.

Pond filters and pumps range considerably, from Low Wattage Eco Pond Pumps to comprehensive Pond Filter and Pump Kits, with everything you need in one package.

Buying Pond Treatments and Algae Treatment for Ponds

Pond treatments are a necessary part of maintaining a beautiful garden water feature, and you'll find Water Treatments for everything from generating beneficial bacteria to algae treatment for ponds that have become overrun with blooms.

Most treatments are suitable for any size pond, so it's best to opt for general conditioners to sustain good quality water and adjust the dosage depending on the size of your pond.

Costs to Create a Dedicated Koi Pond

Koi are perhaps the most elegant fish you can own - but also more expensive to keep. Small Koi ponds start from around £2,000 and can cost upwards of £8,000 for lavish ornamental water features.

If you want to build a Koi pond, you'll need a pond of at least three by two metres and one metre deep, with a high-performance Koi Filter System.

Most Koi ponds tend to have few plants (since the carp usually eat or disrupt them), but you'll need to ensure you have suitable Pond Pumps and specific Koi Fish Food, all of which are a little higher priced than standard pond accessories.

Finally, a pond UV steriliser is essential to ensure crystal clear water.