Best Pond Pumps From AllPondSolutions

Choosing pond pumps can be tricky, with a huge array of pump sizes, performance - and prices!

Today, the AllPondSolutions team aims to simplify it, with a rundown on our most popular products for a pond with pump facilities.

A pond pump and filter are crucial to maintaining a healthy pond environment. If in any doubt, please contact our aquatic experts for recommendations about the best pond pumps for your water features.

Alternatively, please browse our Pond Pumps catalogue for more inspiration!

Best Pond Pumps for Small Ponds

First up, the FPP-900 Fountain Pond Pump is an all-rounder, ideal for small fountain ponds and water features.

If you're new to fish keeping and want to start with a simple yet functional pond with pump, this is an excellent option, with a 900 L/h capacity and a selection of hose tail outlets to customise your set-up.

Top Pond Pump and Filter for Versatility

Next, our FPP-3500 Fountain Pond Pump is a winner for flexible use with a huge array of fountainheads to ensure your pond with pump looks professional.

This pond pump and filter are designed for low energy consumption, with strong water flows to minimise blockages, suitable as a fountain, filter or waterfall feature.

Innovative Pond Pumps With Low Noise Emissions

Medium-sized pond pump and filter appliances tend to make more noise than smaller models due to the larger volume of water being pumped and filtered.

The AquaECO-6000 solves the problem with an advanced technological design to minimise noise, be extremely durable, and provide incredible energy-usage savings.

High-Performance Pond Pumps for Large Ponds

Finally, the ultimate pond with pump model for larger water features is another AquaECO model - our AquaECO-8000 delivers 8,000 L/h capacity, economic wattage use and exceptional circulation functionality.