Introducing the New Aquarium Rescue Range

Fishkeeping is a wonderful hobby that has many benefits. Most of us start out with a small starter fish tank with a few freshwater fish and after time end up upgrading our tank, filtration systems, and livestock species. This being said, fishkeepers will inevitably experience problems with their aquarium water or livestock at some point in their journey. 

When you notice something wrong with the water in your fish tank or your fish it is only natural to worry. The two most common types of ailment you’ll encounter are fungal or parasitic infections - both of which are treatable and preventable with our new range of Aquarium Rescue products.

The first product in this new range is Aquarium Rescue Dechlorinator. Though chlorine isn’t harmful to humans in small amounts (in fact it helps keep us free of illnesses like typhoid and dysentery!), it will demolish the biological bacteria found in aquarium filters, which can lead to sudden spikes in pollution. But it gets worse; chlorine will also cause harm to your fish, most notably the membrane around their gills - particularly dangerous with delicate species – meaning dechlorinating your water is an essential task.


All Pond Solutions Aquarium Rescue Dechlorinator

With this in mind, if you’re building a new aquarium or replacing your filter, you can use Aquarium Rescue Bacteria Balls, packed with millions of healthy bacteria to help combat harmful nitrite and ammonia levels.This product is safe for all freshwater fish, invertebrates, plants and biological filters, so it’s essential for any new filter.

You can minimise strain on filters and reduce the need for cleaning by using Aquarium Rescue Sludge Control, an advanced treatment that reduces fish waste, sedimentation and pollution that can lead to unsightly aquarium sludge.


You can also reduce the number of snails in your aquarium using Aquarium Rescue Snail Control. Typically introduced to your aquarium when adding aquatic plants, only one snail is needed to reproduce – and they can multiply rapidly. Harmless to fish and plants, Aquarium Rescue Snail Control is a fast-acting solution that will eliminate unsightly snails from your tank overnight.

All Pond Solutions Aquarium Rescue Dechlorinator Bacteria Balls and Sludge


The build-up of algae in your aquarium can be reduced by using Aquarium Rescue Algae Control. Though a little bit of algae is natural and healthy, too much can cause harm to your aquarium’s fish and plants.  Aquarium Rescue Algae Control will help you keep algae levels under control, preventing it from forming on aquarium glass, ornaments, rocks, and plants.

As cautious as we try to be, a disease can still break out within a fish tank and your fish may fall ill with a fungal infection or a condition known as white spot, a parasitic infection which leads to the appearance of tiny white spots appearing over a fish’s body and fins.


All Pond Solutions Aquarium Rescue Algae Treatment


Aquarium Rescue Parasite & White Spot Control is a powerful fish tank water treatment that safely disinfects and removes aquatic parasites from your aquarium water and is the perfect remedy for this. Simple to use (pour directly into aquarium water using 1ml per gallon), this powerful and fast-acting solution is able to treat most cases of white spot with just one application.

Along with bacteria, it’s natural for any aquarium to have a presence of fungus spores floating around in the water until they land on a material suitable for germination and growth (uneaten fish food, for example). 

Typically this fungus won’t target fish with healthy slime coats, but should a fish become wounded or injured, the fungus may try to invade damaged tissues. If you’re having problems with anything like this, Aquarium Rescue Bacteria & Fungus Control is a fast-acting solution for many bacterial and fungal aquarium problems.  It’s a powerful and safe disinfectant water treatment for creating perfect aquarium water conditions.


All Pond Solutions Aquarium Rescue Dechlorinator Parasite and Bacteria Rescue