AllPondSolutions Now Offers Fish Livestock

AllPondSolutions, the leading online aquatics retailers, have expanded their range to include fish livestock sourced from quality breeders worldwide. They now stock tropical fish, coldwater fish, cichlids and koi, as well as aquatic plants, which can all be mailed safely, quickly and easily to anywhere in mainland UK.

AllPondSolutions have made their name as respected retailers and wholesalers of fishkeeping equipment, providing budget-friendly products without sacrificing quality. By adding fish livestock to their product offerings, they are now able to fulfil their customers’ complete aquatic needs.

AllPondSolutions treat their fish livestock with the same care and expertise customers have come to expect from their other fishkeeping products. They source all their livestock from high-grade ethical breeders who they know and trust. They quarantine all specimens onsite and rigorously monitor them for any signs of distress or ill health. They also only use livestock-approved couriers to minimise any stress for the fish during their journey to their new homes.

For fishkeeping novices, AllPondSolutions is the one-stop shop for everything to set up their first aquarium or pond. For avid fishkeeping hobbyists, AllPondSolutions work with top breeders all over the world, so they can source rare or special species as needed. Whether you’re looking for a standard goldfish, shubunkin or gourami, or something a bit more unusual, they can source it for you.

In addition to various fish species, AllPondSolutions also offers several varieties of shrimp. “Over the past few years, the popularity of shrimp in the aquatic industry has boomed alongside aquascaping.  To better serve this customer desire, we have sourced a world-leading shrimp breeder in Taiwan to access the best quality and greatest variety for our customers.