4 Ways to Create a Calm Aquarium

Anyone who’s ever walked into a room with an aquarium knows that they can have an instant therapeutic effect. Apart from the soft movements of colourful fish and gentle hum of the filter, how the tank is laid out and decorated can also have a big atmospheric impact. But before you get too carried away with accessories, remember the health and well-being of your fish. Here are four ways that you can create a calm aquarium that both you and your fish can enjoy.

Air and Water Flow

Optimum water flow throughout your tank is essential for the health of your fish and hygienic maintenance of your tank. Apart from a sturdy and reliable filter to cultivate beneficial bacteria, an air pipe or airstone not only helps to distribute temperature, oxygenation, and flow but also adds a calming feature to your tank’s décor.

Aqua Scaping

Switch your attention from your back garden to your fish tank as appropriate landscaping or ‘aqua scaping’ can ensure a happy and harmonious environment for your fish. The thoughtful arrangement of plants, rocks, and ornaments can be a great past time and the results have a transformative effect on your tank’s appearance. Plants also provide nutrients to fish and oxygen to the water so be sure to check out the range of different species available.

Aqua Scaping


The colour and kind of aquarium lighting that you have for your tank is key for its atmospheric and environmental impact. If you have a tropical fish tank, you’re probably thinking of T5 lighting which can often give a blue, UV or whitish glow. Depending on the décor and atmosphere of your room as well as the energy, heat and climate requirements for your fish it’s best to choose the right colour lighting that will also complement the mood you want to create.

Coral Reefs

Reef keeping is a serious hobby and an intriguing pursuit as coral reefs are mesmerising and mystical to look at. Tropical reef aquariums will benefit from live coral growth, depending on the suitability of the fish breeds you keep. Or if you’re not into becoming a ‘reefer’ there are many kinds of artificial reefs or rock ornaments that you can buy to create a colourful pop in your tank.

Whatever kind of tank you’re keeping; a few additions to its appearance can really enhance the life and activity of your fish as well as create a calming effect in your home or office.