Aquarium T5 Lighting

T5 Aquarium Lighting from All Pond Solutions

All Pond Solutions have an extensive range of T5 lighting available online, with the option of sizes 60cm-180cm, two, four, six or eight tube configurations, and provided with either tropical or marine bulb options.

Also available from All Pond Solutions are a range of thin T5 lights, for a more modern look. These feature high output electronic ballasts and reflectors raise the power of the light by approximately 50%.

Why Buy Your T5 Aquarium Lights from Us?

All our aquarium T5 lights are supplied with either brackets or an appropriate length suspension kit making installation quick and easy

Many of our T5 lighting models come with the option to add a second power cable- this will allow you to use automatic plug timers with your system and enable you to operate the different bulb colours automatically and independently from each other.


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As one of the largest online aquatic retailers, we are proud to bring you good quality T5 lighting units for those shopping on a budget.

With such a large range of T5 aquarium lights, we can provide the colour, size and tube quantity you need without the huge price tag!

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