Aquarium LED Lighting

Aquarium LED Lighting from All Pond Solutions

Our LED aquarium lights are suitable for both tropical and marine tanks.

LED aquarium lighting is a superb low cost lighting solution for your fish tank, and is appropriate for use with planted aquariums and both hard and soft coral marine tanks..

LED fish tank lights are not only an attractive and efficient way to light your tank, but their low energy consumption and multiple configurations make it a much more affordable long term option.

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A low cost, attractive and effective solution, lighting your tank has never been simpler with our range of All Pond Solutions aquarium LED lighting.

See our selection of both Fluval and Aquatlantis freshwater and marine LED lighting versions below.

We now also sell marine aquarium CREE LED lights, one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly Marine LED lights available on the market!

Not sure which lighting system is best for you? Contact our team on 01895 813 000 and we’ll be happy to advise!


Why Buy Your LED Aquarium Fish Tank Lights from Us?

Our Marine LED lighting units and fresh water lights are sent out super-fast to ensure you receive your order in a timely fashion, for quick and simple installation- shopping online just got easier!