How to Choose LED Lights for Aquarium?

LED lights for aquariums are an excellent option. They cost less to run, use up to 80% less power than fluorescent lights, last longer, and emit less heat that can be harmful to fish.

Suppose you're unsure which lights in aquarium environments are right for your fish tank.

In that case, the AllPondSolutions team runs through here some of the best quality LED Lights, all available through our comprehensive online catalogue.

Best LED Lights for Small Fish Tanks

First, let's think about lights for aquariums that need a gentle lighting source without being overpowering for the size of the tank.

Our Small Aquarium LED Light is perfect, with eco-friendly LED bulbs.

The aquarium lighting clips easily to the side of your fish tank and can be moved as required, with a 12-month warranty and a USB adaptor and plug included.

Top Aquarium Lighting for Aquarium Plants

The Zetlight Lancia 2 Plant Light is ideal for planted aquariums and freshwater tanks, with four LED colours promoting plant growth and fish health.

A beautiful aluminium brushed surface keeps heat away from sensitive habitats and slots over the top of the tank with dual metal brackets.

You can control your Wi-Fi lighting through a free app, customise LED lights, change colours, set automatic on and off times, and adjust the intensity as required.

Quality Lights for Aquariums With Cold Water or Tropical Fish

Freshwater aquariums benefit from bright, energy-efficient LEDs to promote photosynthesis in aquarium planting - we'd recommend the Tropical / Cold Water Aquarium LED Lights.

With four sizing options, these LED lights are suited to tanks from 310 mm to 1,150 mm wide, incorporating a high-grade alloy aluminium shell in each model for fast cooling.

Choosing Lights in Aquarium Tanks for Marine Species

Lastly, if you're looking for aquarium lighting for marine or reef tanks, you'll need slightly different lights for aquariums.

Our Zetlight Lancia 2 ZP4000 Marine Light provides essential violet lighting to support coral, directing heat away from the tank and fully customisable through the Horizon Aqua app.