Tancho 7-8"

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Tancho 7-8"

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Scientific Name: Cyprinus carpio
Type: Tancho
Size: 7-8"
Grade: AA

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What does Biosecure mean?
Biosecure is a method of breeding all koi in a KHV free environment. These conditions are regularly monitored by government officials who visit the breeders and randomly select and test koi to ensure the KHV free status of the farm.

How easy are they to care for?
We would class these as an easy level of care, however if so inclined by the owner they can be given a very advanced level of care.

How large can they grow?
Koi can exceed 90cm.

Where in the world are they from?
Koi as we know them today were originally bred by the Chinese. Most stock we find today is either bred in the UK, Israel or Japan depending on the quality desired.

What is the ideal number to keep together?
Providing adequate space and filtration in the pond, Koi can be kept in large groups.

What water conditions do they require?
Ideally alkaline water conditions are provided between 7.0pH - 8.2pH. Temperatures should range between 5-20°C.

What should you feed them?
Smaller specimens will happily take flake, however they should be moved onto a good quality pellet as soon as they are able. Do not feed koi high protein foods below 10 degrees as their cannot properly digest the proteins.

How compatible are they with other fish?
Largely compatbile with most other pond fish.

Can they be bred in captivity?
Yes, this is possible with proper care and high filtration. While inducing spawning is not difficult and most mature specimens will happily do so in the summer periods, correct rearing and selection is required should forward sale be required.