Ziss Fish & Shrimp Fry Incubators: The Quintessential Breeding Product

Ziss Fish and Shrimp Egg Tumblers

Breeding your tropical fish can be a great experience if you wish to expand your knowledge about the species of fish you keep and your overall aquarium knowledge in general. With our new fish and shrimp fry egg tumblers the process of successful breeding is easier than ever.

The Ziss incubator saves your fish from having to protect their eggs and keeps cichlid eggs moving and healthy. Mouthbrooders churn their eggs in a buccal cavity in order to expose all parts of the eggs to oxygenated water – this keeps them from dying. An egg tumbler mimics this action and keeps the fry eggs developing.

Each unit is easy to assemble and can either attach to the side of your fish tank or can firmly stand at the bottom of the tank with the bottom support legs. Follow the guide below to ensure your egg tumbler is put together correctly. Once it is put together, the Ziss tumblers are simple to get running. 

First, clean the unit and all the parts using aquarium water. Remove the upper part from the main body and fill the main body with aquarium water. You can then add the eggs to the tumbler. Close the unit up and place the egg tumbler in the fish tank. Make sure you remove any trapped air from the main body and the filter sponge then connect the flow control valve to your air supply. Now your incubator is set up and you can easily adjust the flow of air to the eggs by turning the dial on the valve. You will then see that the eggs are gently moving at the bottom of the incubator. For a more visual guide, watch the video below:

 One of the greatest parts of the Ziss tumblers is the ability to watch the embryotic development of the eggs.  Seeing the process of eggs turning into larval fish then to fry is fascinating - you can easily keep track of each egg and if any become deceased, they can be removed. The chances of eggs dying in the incubator is significantly less due to the well-oxygenated water, the reduced shock that would occur during water changes and the lack of harmful particles entering the breeding tumbler from the provided filter foam and stainless steel mesh net.

So if you are interested in breeding tropical/cichlid fish and shrimp, this tool is perfect for you. Ziss models start at just £19.99 and come with tumbler body, filter sponge, stainless steel mesh net, air control valve & tubing. If you are new to this endeavour, call us up at01895 813 000 and our livestock team can let you know all about different fish species, their breeding behaviours and which size egg tumbler you will need for a successful and healthy fry!