Why Do Fish Jump Out Of Water?

As we all know fish live in water, but there are some fish that tend to jump, and can reach amazing heights!

Fish in the wild will jump because they may be hunting or be being hunted. Jumping is a good defense mechanism. Some intelligent fish will jump out of the water when they have become hooked by fisherman in an attempt to break free.

You will find many YouTube videos showing river fish jumping when motor-powered boats pass through their habitats.

However, aquarium fish jump for other reasons. Some fish species are accomplished jumpers and unless you have a secure hood or lid they will jump out of the fish tank. If you are experiencing this issue in your own fish tanks then you should consider changing to a fish tank with a lid such as the FW Tank Range.

Good jumpers include the likes of Hatchetfish and Betta fish, just to name a few.

 Silver Hatchet Fish - Thoracocharax stellatus    Siamese Fighting Fish Plakat Marble Blue- Betta Splendens

This type of jumping behaviour may not serve a purpose in the home aquarium environment, but it does in the wild. One species in which this behaviour is particularly notable is the betta fish. Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are native to Thailand, where they live in still waters. These fish can be found in swamps and rice paddies; the size and condition of these bodies of water changes throughout the year with the annual monsoon season.

 During the dry months, small puddles may dry up completely or the ammonia in the water may reach a level high enough to make the water no longer safe for the Betta fish. In cases like this, betta fish have been known to throw themselves out of their body of water in the hopes of finding something fresher. If they’re lucky and manage to accomplish this they will carry on until they find a larger body of water such as a lake. If things go wrong, these fish possess a breathing organ called a labyrinth which enables them to breathe out of the water for short periods of time so they will be able to carry on for longer than your average fish out of water.

Unfortunately the only things you can do to stop your fish jumping out of water is to provide a clean and healthy environment for your fish with weekly aquarium maintenance and to add hoods, lids or something to you fish tank that will prevent this from occurring.