Which Pond Plants Should I Choose for My Pond?

Choosing plants for a pond can be tricky since you'll need to decide on the best pond plant species depending on:

  • Your soil type and the amount of sunlight your pond enjoys.
  • What style of pond planting you'd like to achieve.
  • The best pond plant types for your fish.

In this guide, the AllPondSolutions team runs through some of the best pond planters for your garden, with advice to help you make great choices!

Deep Water Plants for Year-Round Blooms

Water lilies (or nymphaea) are undoubtedly one of the most popular pond plants. With a massive range of colours, from white to yellow, red and pink, a lily variety is fine to plant year-round.

However, note that these pond plants can grow extremely large, so a Water Lily Plant Kit is best suited to a large, deep pond with plenty of space to grow.

Other plants such as water hawthorns also thrive in large ponds, although you'll need to cover the pond planters with gravel to ensure your fish don't dig up the roots!

Easy Pond Plants to Care For

Marginal plants, such as Flowering Rush Pond Plants are the simplest to care for - you'll usually pot them up into pond planters and place them on a marginal shelf along the edges of your pond.

They love wet aquatic compost, which you should keep damp year-round and usually grow in the spring and summer before dying back in the winter.

Reedmace is popular but can grow very tall and needs to be tied back in strong winds to prevent it from blowing over.

Choosing the Right Accessories for Pond Planting

As well as your plants, you'll need to think about Pond Plant Food to keep your plants growing well.

Plant Baskets are also great pond planters, whether you're creating a floating island or designing a beautiful array of deep-water plants and lilies.

For more inspiration to bring your pond to life, visit the AllPondSolutions catalogue for our full range of plants for a pond and all the equipment you need!