What is a Riparium?

A riparium is an incredible way to incorporate unique aquarium planting into your home and something as easy for beginners who've never owned aquarium plants before as for accomplished experts!

How Does a Riparium Tank Work?

The best riparium tanks, also called riverbank aquariums, mimic natural aquarium planting environments, usually with marginal plants that bloom above the waterline.

While an aquarium with filter is the best way to manage water quality, the joy of a riparium is that it's much simpler to control without needing to maintain high water or oxygen levels.

What Are The Best Aquarium Plants for Ripariums?

If you're interested in elevating the ambience of your home with aquarium planting, you'll find a vast range of beautiful plants at AllPondSolutions.

Our Aquarium Plants range includes everything from soft, delicate Aquarium Moss, Plant Bundles for a simple starter kit, and Aquarium Plant Food & Fertilisers to keep your riparium flourishing.

We'd recommend species such as Microsorum, Anubias, Echinodorus and Cryptocoryne, which are adaptable and diverse aquarium plants that grow well in low oxygen habitats.

What Accessories Do I Need for a Riparium Tank?

LED lights are a great asset to showcase the elegance of your aquarium plants and keep your riparium growing healthily.

Aquarium LED Lights also improve the lighting intensity, which helps plants absorb nutrients and CO2, so a combination of quality fertilisation and LED lighting will provide the best results.

An aquarium with filter is also a great idea since you'll need to keep the water clean and crystal clear - visit our Aquarium Filters catalogue for inspiration!

Finally, aquarium plants in a riparium need an environment as similar to a riverbed as possible, so some Aquarium Gravel or riverbed stones will provide the finishing touch to your aquarium planting habitat.