Tiny Fish for Tiny Tanks

Fish are one of the most diverse and beautiful species you can choose to keep as a pet. One of the joys of having a small fish tank is that you can create a wondrous ecosystem in even the tiniest corner of your home - populated with intricate fish that never fail to delight!

Here the AllPondSolutions team summarises some of the best fish for tropical tank habitats that are small in stature but glorious to watch.

Are Tropical Fish Tanks Available in Smaller Sizes?

There are thousands of options when it comes to a fish tank small spaces can easily accommodate. Some of the top-selling options include:

  • Our Ultra Clear Nano LED Light Tanks with a 12-litre capacity.
  • Small 14 litre Nano Fish Tanks available in six colours.
  • The tiny Small 7 Litre Nano Fish Tank also in six colour options.

The key is to think about the fish tropical tanks are designed for and select species that you can comfortably house in your chosen tank with enough space for aquarium and fish tank ornaments.

Choosing Tiny Fish Species

Tropical fish come in every size, shape and shade under the sun, and there is a fantastic range of species who will happily live in a smaller tank environment!

It's always important to research exactly how much water each species requires before buying fish. Or if you are really set on a specific spechies, it is always best to research exactly how many liters your tank should hold before buying the tank.

Some of the ideal tiny fish for tiny tanks are:

  • Small Forktail Rainbows and Blue Eyes, both Rainbowfishes that remain little.
  • Endler's Guppies, with a stocky body and iridescent fins that bring sparkle to the shoal.
  • Miniature Pygmy Pufferfish, an unusual and cute fish species that love to live in groups.
  • With a unique glow, Ember Tetras are ideal in a tank with plenty of aquarium plants.

It's always essential to keep a close watch on breeding to ensure that your compact fish don't start to multiply too quickly. If your tank becomes crowded, it will be necessary to transfer some of the group to another tank or perhaps share your tiny fishy friends with another avoid tropical fish keeper!

You can also opt for some of the smaller Crustacean species, such as Crystal Bee Shrimps, who live in harmony and provide a never-ending colourful display.