How to Convert Your Swimming Pool Into a Fish Pond

Whether indoor or outdoor, swimming pools look great - but the novelty can quickly taper off as the costs for heating, cleaning, and replacing chemicals grow.

Thousands of pool owners are now looking to convert eco-unfriendly pools into environmentally healthy ponds as a beautiful Koi habitat or natural water feature that brings elegance and calm to the garden.

In this guide, AllPondSolutions runs through some quick tips for a successful pool to pond conversion.

Step One: Preparing Pond Filters and Pond Pumps

Many people opt to change the colour of the pool, switching a bright blue for a darker hue, which is more harmonious with a garden pond.

Next, you'll need to decide on pond pumps, pond filters, and the type of pond filter foam you want to use, primarily depending on the size of the water feature and what sort of species you'd like to keep.

Before that, the chlorinated water needs to be emptied for piping and a new filtration system to be added.

Please visit our Pond Pumps and Pond Filters pages to compare models by capacity and select from our huge range of Filter Foams to ensure the fresh water is treated properly before introducing any fish.

Step Two: Select Fish and Pond Plants

Once you have a clean pool and have set up your filters and pond pumps, you're ready to move your fish and pond plants into their new home.

That means a substrate, normally Pebbles and Coloured Stones (which aid filtration) and plant fertilisers to help your new plants grow roots nicely.

Step Three: Pond Maintenance

Last, once you've established your pond, it's worth investing in some basic Pond Treatments. These pond treatments deal with all sorts of issues, and an algae treatment for ponds is something you'll undoubtedly need at some point to keep blooms under control.

A pond UV steriliser is also a great option, especially if you're keeping amazing Koi. The water clarity will ensure you can enjoy your new pond feature to the fullest - browse our Pond UV Sterilisers online.