How much water is in my Pond? Pond Volume Calculator

It is very important to know how much water is within your pond so you can choose the correct equipment ensuring your pond and aquatic life is always healthy. This also ensures you use the correct amount of treatment when adding these to your pond.

To calculate the pond water volume use this easy method below.

For Pond Water Volume in Litres
Measure the Length, Width and Depth of your pond in metres. If your pond is not a straight forward shape you will need to measure the average of all 3 sizes. Once you have these sizes use the calculation method below to measure your pond water volume.

Length(M) x Width(M) x Depth(M) x 1000

An example of this is below.
Length 3M x Width 5M x Depth 1M x 1000 = 15000 Litres

We have added an easy chart guide attachment with different pond depths to help you check your water volume.

Click here for and easy to use pond volume calculator graph.