How to Keep Your Pond Crystal Clear

Making sure your fish are happy, and your pond water healthy is always important - but have you ever found that, no matter how hard you try, your pond treatments don't seem to make any difference to that green tinge to your water?

Here are the AllPondSolutions top tips for keeping your pond water crystal clear!

What Causes Pond Water to Turn Green?

There are lots of reasons pond water can turn cloudy, thick and green.

Excess pond fish food, sludge and debris, poorly functioning pond filters and the growth of algae (or the dreaded blanket weed!) all impact the clarity and condition of your water.

This causes all sorts of problems, such as blocking light and nutrients. While a little algae is healthy and normal, excessively green water can produce too much oxygen, causing fish embolisms and so is very harmful to their health.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to restore harmony to your pond ecosystem.

Using a Pond UV Steriliser for Clean Water

A pond UV steriliser is a great option - combined with good performance pond filters and pond pumps; you can prevent algae build up and make sure your pond water is continually well oxygenated.

  • The pump pushes the water through the pond UV steriliser.
  • UV light breaks down the algae cells.
  • Pond filter foam collects dirt, gunk and waste.
  • Clean, filtered and UV treated water returns to your pond.

Having the right equipment avoids using regular pond treatments, and means that build ups of dead plant material, pond fish food and waste are quickly filtered through.

Do I Still Need Pond Treatments If I Use Pond Filters?

Pond treatments are a great way to bolster the health of your pond, quickly treat conditions common with your species of fish, and rapidly clear out any algae growth.

You can use algae treatment for ponds alongside your pond filters and pumps or use green water pond treatments periodically when algae build up.

Pond treatments are best used to complement pond filters, and to keep control over your pond habitat.