New Pebbles Pools and Internal Filters for April 2015!

We have 2 new products for you this month. The first is designed to provide that sounds and sensation of water within the garden without the need for exposed volumes of water.  The second is a brand new internal filter for indoor aquaria of all descriptions that has multiple purposes!

Pebbles Pools

These pebble pools are a fantastic alternative for people with small children or perhaps you would like the sound of trickling water in your garden without all of the fuss of maintaining a filter and feeding fish?

Designed to be sunk into the ground, these can be topped with a range of pebbles so that you see nothing of the water reservoir providing an oasis of watery calm within your garden.

These come with a great little fountain pump that has a range of fountain heads and variable flow so you can get the effect that best suits your needs.  Water top up on these systems could not be easier, evaporation is an everyday part of life, simply run the hose over the rockery and let the water naturally fall through one of a number of holes in the lid without the need to pull off all of the pebbles every time.

New Internal Filters

 Our new range of Internal Filters come with a clear plastic body to help you determine when these filters reach their optimum time for cleaning and maintenance.  Coming in 3 different sizes of 600, 900 and 1500 and suitable for tanks up to 280litres these new filters are the perfect companion regardless if you are looking for extra filtration to go alongside an external filter or if you want them to run on their own.

These pumps also so as single water pumps if you want them to just move water around your tank or use the largest model to power one of our boosters.  Simply remove the filters and the bottom cover clips directly onto the powerhead to create an efficient water pump.

As a final advantage, these filters also come with a variable flow controller, making them ideal for fry, shrimp and slow feeding fish environments.

If you wish any more information please feel free to contact us by email or phone and keep an eye on our blog for any future products soon to be released!