How to Buy the Right Fish Food

Depending on the type and number of fish you keep, feeding them can be a simple or complex task. There are many different kinds of fish food, simply because there are so many different kinds of fish on the market. Whether looking after a lone goldfish or a tropical tank, here’s a guide on the important things to consider when buying the right fish food.

Diet Type

The first thing you need to consider is whether your fish is a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore as different breeds of fish have specialised digestive systems appropriate to their diet. This will determine the type of foods you can feed them and that they are able to consume.

How They Feed

Some fish such as hatchetfish only feed at the top of the tank whereas other breeds like catfish, are able to eat food that sinks to the bottom. It is important to consider how your fish feeds so that they have a comfortable way in which they are able to eat. Dried foods come in flakes, granules, pellets and wafers that either float or sink so be sure to consider the type that is best for you.

Mix it Up

Just like us, fish need a varied and balanced diet full of fats for energy and amino acids to build protein and grow. In addition to dried foods, fish can also eat frozen, liquid or live foods depending on their type, temperament and taste.


Regular monitoring is essential for keeping healthy fish and a clean tank. Observe your fish as they consume the food as to whether they are eating happily or not. Ideally, the food should be eaten and digested quickly so that there is less build-up of ammonia in the tank. It is also important to keep an eye on the freshness of the food you buy as many kinds of fish foods can lose nutritional value after a month.

Caring for your fish is a labour of love and when they are active and thriving it is a joy to watch. Taking careful consideration of their diet and the appropriate foods to buy is essential for their health, wellbeing and a worthwhile investment in the long run.