How Hard is it to Keep Marine Fish?

Whether you are already the proud owner of a freshwater tank or would like to expand your knowledge to invest in marine fish tanks, it's sensible to think about how much upkeep it will require.

Let's run through the basics of keeping salt water fishes from the experts at AllPondSolutions.

Do I Need Saltwater Specific Equipment for Marine Fish?

The primary reason marine fishkeeping is a little more expensive than having a tropical or cold water tank is that the equipment and accessories you use must be designed specifically to work in saltwater.

You'll need an excellent quality marine fish tank that won't need replacing for years to come, and think about which species you would like and how many corals you can house within that tank.

What Equipment Do I Need for a Saltwater Tank?

Once you know which saltwater species you'd like and have chosen your tank, you will need to set up marine tank accessories, including:

  • Live rock, as an organic filtration essential.
  • Fish tank lighting suitable for a marine tank.
  • Heating, marine filter systems, sand or substrate, marine salt and a protein skimmer to scoop out organic waste.
  • A hydrometer to measure the salinity of your water.

The trick is to establish a routine. Once you've got a system for checking the water conditions, cycling the tank, changing the water and cleaning out your marine fish, it makes life a whole lot easier!

Keeping marine fish isn't necessarily more difficult than any other type of tank. Still, it can take a little more time to en