How and Why You Should Keep Ducks Away From Your Garden Pond

The gentle quacking of ducks can add to the ambience of water features - but the novelty soon wears off as the waste damages the condition of your pond water.

Today, AllPondSolutions explains some of the ways to deter ducks from your garden with simple solutions such as pond nets - and why it's crucial for fish health.

Why Should I Deter Ducks From Bathing in Water Features?

Ducks are a major hazard for species such as Koi and goldfish. The issue is that duck waste contains high levels of ammonia.

That makes it a great fertiliser but dangerous for garden ponds, as a toxic substance that can cause increases in pond sludge, pH levels and waste.

Feathers, bacteria, and parasites can also be fatal for fish, so it's important to treat poor water clarity with Pond Water Treatments and ensure you protect the habitat.

Do I Need to Keep Ducks From My Water Features if I Don't Have Fish?

Many people keep wildlife ponds without fish, and natural species are less vulnerable to spikes in ammonia.

However, if you have pond plants or native creatures living in your pond, it's worth keeping ducks away - this will keep the water clear and clean, avoiding any harmful substances or odours that can become unpleasant.

How Can I Avoid Ducks Visiting My Garden Pond?

The easiest way to deter ducks is to use robust pond netting.

Netting for ponds is specifically designed to stop birds from landing in the water, so they'll soon look for a more hospitable garden.

Ducks in your garden aren't so much of an issue if pond nets prevent them from swimming.

Netting for ponds also reduces sludge caused by garden debris and deters predators such as herons, who consider your fish a tasty snack!

Visit the Pond Cover Nets collection at AllPondSolutions for a fast and efficient way to keep your pond duck-free.