Customer Review : Zetlight

Fish tank lighting is an important part of every aquarium that contains livestock and live plants. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, lighting is an important factor in inhabitants’ energy, behaviour, and overall well-being. With good lighting, you will be able to better observe your fish and keep them healthy. When choosing a light it is important to remember:

  1. Size of tank

  2. Species inside

  3. Set-up – Marine? Freshwater?

  4. Spending – What is your budget?

There are many benefits to having LED aquarium lighting in your tank. They are one of the biggest innovations in fishkeeping in the past couple of decades, are energy efficient, and can promote growth of live plants in the aquarium. They also produce less heat, so the overall water temperature is not affected as much.

Zetlights are a brand of LED lights that are designed to fit a wide range of fish tanks available on the market. They can even be attached to the bulb sockets of existing T5 and T8 lighting systems, enabling you to fit it inside the hood of your aquarium.

The Zetlight Lancia LED systems provide a 120° beam angle, giving an excellent quality to the emitted light, with one system providing the equivalent light of two T5 luminaries. Other features of this product include extendable metal brackets at each end, so that the lights can be placed on top of nearly every tank, no matter the size. These hi-tech lights are also capable of being controlled wirelessly. The system is very easy to control - with the switch on the side that will allow the user to turn it off and on, as well as go from daytime to night time mode. Also, if you wish to purchase a wireless receiver (Package B) and wireless controller (Package C), the lights can be programmed to be used via remote control.  With the remote, a variety of extra features can be accessed. The extra features include an acclimation mode, a lunar phase mode, and 100 levels of brightness!

 We asked Mark, a frequent All Pond Solutions customer, to answer some questions regarding his LED light purchase and he has given us a review of his new Zetlight:

Tell Us About Your Aquarium:

I have a BOYU 300lt tank from All Pond Solutions. I have one very large male Flowerhorn, approx 6 years old, and a large catfish. The Flowerhorns are notoriously difficult to keep with other fish.  Also, as they grow so large they require a lot of space. I use coral sand to maintain the pH levels and have never had any issues with my water in over 7 years. I keep my tank simple with the use of natural rocks and wood.  I have a two filter setup using an APS 1000 & 2000 external filters. I have an air pump, 2 heaters and wave maker which are all from APS.
What made you choose Zetlights?

I had seen them on the APS website and was looking for a brighter more energy efficient lighting solution for my tank. After doing research online the Zetlights were great value for money
How easy was it to install the lighting in your tank?

The installation was very straightforward. You simply attached the adaptors to each end of the lighting unit and it fits into your original light housing. Alternatively if you wish to remove your tank lid you can sit them on the edges of the tank using the brackets provided.

How would you rate the quality of lighting? Is it an improvement on your previous tank lighting?

I am currently running one Zetlight and the brightness is superior to the output from two of my original T8 bulbs. It’s a very clear white light which enhances the colours of the fish and really improves the clarity of the water. It’s such an improvement on my previous lighting which always gave off a slight yellow glow.

How have you found the daytime/night time modes? Are they easy to use?

I rarely use the lights during the day as I am at work but having the two settings is a great feature. The option of the soft blue lighting is a great addition and produces a great effect at night.  

Did you purchase the wireless receiver and controller? How easy were they to use? What do you think of the different settings?

I haven’t purchased the wireless receiver and controller yet. I wanted to try out the light first and see what I thought. My plan eventually will be to add a second Zetlight to the tank and the controller.
Overall, have you been happy with your purchase?

Overall I am very happy with my purchase!

Do you think this product offers value for money?

I think some people may think this is an expensive option but if you are keen to make the most of your tank and its potential there is no better option.  Also if you look at how much the T8/T5 bulbs cost and how often you replace them over a few years as well as the cost to run them the Zetlight option works out more cost-effective over time.

Would you recommend this product?

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to enhance the look of their tank and fish.  It’s also a great solution for anyone who is keen on saving energy as the LED lights are so much cheaper to run.