What Is the Best Size Aquarium for a Beginner?

Creating a new aquascape is a fantastic way to learn about fishkeeping, design beautiful aquarium planting, and introduce delicate tropical fish to your home.

However, looking after a nano aquarium requires a little expertise. The best option is to start with a larger fish tank because, although it may sound counterintuitive, a larger aquarium is much easier to manage!

Read on for advice from AllPondSolutions to help you pick the perfect size for your first aquarium.

Which Are the Best Tanks for New Fish Keepers?

Although many assume a larger fish tank will mean more work, the opposite is true.

Water changes are a normal part of aquarium management, but any fluctuations in conditions can make fish very sick, as can a nano aquarium that has become overpopulated.

While large fish tanks might be more expensive initially, we have an excellent range of cost-effective Fish Tanks to suit every budget and fishkeeping skill level.

Why Are Small Aquariums Not Recommended for Beginners?

A nano aquarium or small fish tank can be a brilliant way to keep fish and other aquatic species, even if you don't have lots of storage space.

The challenge is that, unlike large fish tanks, the lower volume of water can be more difficult to monitor and is prone to change in condition very quickly.

Picking a small nano tank means you'll need to keep checking that your water is healthy, with the right temperature, ammonia and pH levels to keep your fish safe.

If you're an expert at managing a nano tank, however, these miniature aquarium habitats can be a joy to maintain - please visit our Small Tank and Nano Aquarium catalogue for ideas!

How Long Before You Can Put Fish in a New Tank?

Once you have your aquascape or aquarium set up, you'll need to wait at least one to two days for the water, substrate and aquarium plants to settle before introducing your fish.

From there, it's a case of following the guidelines for water management, depending on your fish tank size and fish species.